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Workers' Compensation Claims Statistics

This Database is updated monthly and was last updated: 1/1/2022 6:32:07 AM

The Claims Database contains only those lost time workers' compensation records for which a DWC-1, First Report of Injury or Illness, and/or a DWC-13, Claim Cost Report, was reported to/recorded by the Division. Records with dates of accident prior to 10 years are not available in this database.
  • Input a Year of Injury or Range of Years from the previous 10 years to present year. (example: From: 1999 To: 1999 for one year or From: 1999 To: 2003 for a range of years)
  • Use drop-down boxes to filter by County, Disability Type, Cause of Accident, Nature of Injury, Body Part of Injury, Major Industry Type (NAIC) code.
  • You may select MULTIPLE entries of any type by scrolling through the list and holding the [Ctrl] key down while clicking your selections. (Remember to Un-Select the ALL Selection)
  • The Results Table will contain the total number of cases, total indemnity paid, average indemnity paid, total medical paid, average medical paid, total settlement paid, average settlement paid, total benefits and the average benefits for each year.
  • You can view the Results Table in an MS EXCEL spreadsheet by clicking the EXCEL command button on the bottom of the Results Page. If you do not have MS EXCEL you can view the results in a Plain Text comma delimited table by clicking the PLAIN TEXT command button on the bottom of the Results Page.
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